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Flyer meaning. A flyer is a form of printed paper which is publicly given out as a form of advertisement. And it comes with different flyer types and sizes which suits your business plans. Many people see flyers from a different point of view while others they call them leaflets brochures or pamphlets. Cheap flyer printing Johannesburg| High Quality| Cheap Prices| Specials A 5 flyers. We print any size of a flyer which suits your business needs from A 6 flyers High-quality 115gsm gloss art, free nationwide delivery, A 5 flyer prices, A 4 flyers to A 3, single or double-sided cheap 24 Hour printing Johannesburg. A well-printed flyer with high good quality is one of the most effective ways of sending people your message and let us know about your business in an eye-catching way. We are the biggest Litho printing Companies in Johannesburg, Pretoria and South Africa as a whole. We can also help you with free design templates for flyers which will help you make a good choice when designing your free flyer maker. If you want people to know your business or your event let Printing Jet take care of your good quality flyers at affordable prices. Simply request a quote now and wait for our 2 days delivery policy.

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We recognize that as 2 sided DL flyer printing Johannesburg with free delivery the next day, experimentation alone held the promise of eventual victory. Accordingly, we resolved to attempt flyer printing South Africa, whatever might improve our lot and ease our ways, thus acquiring new skills. Now we plan to have everything a flyer printing companies in Johannesburg would need and it is a matter of patience and labor and takes a prodigious time.

Why should such things dismay any flyer printing shops and distribution with a will to improve their circumstances? Now we have confidence that no obstacle can prevent us from delivering the best our clients still waiting for in 5000 cheap flyer printing industry.

Sometimes due to the pressure we have from our clients, we found it almost impossible to do on our own, but we are rescued by our correspondence online cheap shops in isolated provinces of South Africa. Sometimes we may have online shops where you order online wherever you are. In this fashion, you will not go to our printing shops. How much does A5 flyer printing cost, our clients always ask this question and our A5 1000 flyer printing costs only R800? One and only flyer printing services near me I can recommend you our company which has flyer printing prices which are also affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How much does printing flyers cost? Flyer Pricelists
You can say How much does it cost to print 10000 flyers?Costs of printing Flyers depends on the quantity and cost also depend whether your is it one sided or 2 sided flyers printing SINGLE SIDED A5 flyers 2500-R900 5000- R1400 10 000- R2500, 20 000- R4500 DOUBLE SIDED A5 2500- R1100 5000- R1650 10 000- R2800 20 000- R5100 SINGLE SIDED A4 SIZES 2500- R1450 5000- R2650 10 000- R4650 20 000- R8900
2What paper is used for flyers?
Any printing company which print flyers, they are only two types of papers used to printing flyers which are Gloss paper and Matt. You can choose Gloss if you need your flyers to be shine while Matt is an opposite of Gloss which does not have a shine apperance.
3What size are flyers usually?
All flyers which people have come across with involves different types and different sizes which include A6 flyers, A5 flyers, A4 flyers, A3 flyers and many more.
4How can i distribute flyers effectively
Number one Rule for distributing you flyers for a future success is to know your audience first because who will believe you if you don't know your target audience yourself. Just distribute your flyers where people much of their time at especially restaurants, pubs, Malls and so many more.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Q: Do the size options refer to folded or unfolded?
    A: If you select a bi-fold, tri-fold, or z-fold, the size you see refers to the size of the paper after it’s been folded. For example, a DL leaflet with a tri-fold option is an A4 sheet folded to create a total of 6 printable sections (3 per side).

    Q: Can I upload my own design?
    A: Yes. If you have a design all ready to go, you’ll be able to upload it after you select your fold, size, and orientation options.

    Q: Is the paper coated on both sides? Can I write on the back?
    A: Our glossy and matte papers are coated on both sides, while our recycled paper is uncoated.  If writing on glossy or matte papers, we recommend you use a permanent marker – for recycled paper, we recommend using a ballpoint pen. 

    Q: Can I upload my own design? 
    A: Yes. We accept most common file types, including .pdf, .ai, .jpeg, .png, .doc and .ppt.

    Q: Do I need to fold the leaflets myself?
    A: No. We’ll fold your leaflets for you before we send them out – they’ll arrive pre-folded and ready for use.

    Q: Do you have any design tips?
    A: To create an eye-catching and effective flyer or leaflet, we recommend you keep the following three tips in mind:

    Use no more than 2 fonts. 
    Too many text styles make design look less professional – and it’s harder to read and understand.
    Make your headline count. 
    You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention. Make your headline simple, clear, and easy to read.
    A good photo goes a long way. 
    You know the expression about a picture is worth 1,000 words? It’s true. Huge blocks of text can be intimidating – use a great photo to help tell your story and invite a reader in.

    Q: Which paper stocks and weights are available?
    A: Depending on the size and fold of your flyers and leaflets, you may be able to choose from the following paper stocks and weights: 

    Budget (130 gsm), standard (170 gsm), premium (250 gsm)
    Budget (130 gsm), standard (170 gsm), premium (250 gsm)
    Premium (270 gsm)

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