Printing Companies in Cape Town

Printing Companies in Cape Town

Want the cost savings of offset printing, with the customization of digital printing?

If you regularly print pieces that are nearly identical but have areas of varied content, you can have a large number of shells printed, housed in our warehouse, then pulled and imprinted digitally as needed.

Our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-105 and XL-106, are capable of offering 4 colors on each side in a single pass while perfecting. They can handle sheet sizes up to 28 x 40 inches.

All of our commercial presses utilize InkZone technology. This allows us to pass our G7® color profile information, used to create the contract proof, straight to the press. This gives the press a starting point for ink settings, allowing the press to come to optimum color quickly and producing less waste. Once the precise color settings are achieved, the InkZone system monitors the color during the run and automatically makes the necessary adjustments to maintain that color throughout the entire press run.

Our commercial presses can apply coatings or varnishes to your specifications. If you tell us the effect you’re trying to create, we can show you the best way to achieve it. The most basic difference between varnish and coating is that varnish is applied with a plate, just like ink. Coatings are applied with either a blanket or a coating plate in a separate coating unit. Varnish can be applied as a flood coat, but it is typically applied in specific areas to produce either a glossy or dull effect. The coating is typically applied as a flood coat, but it is possible to apply a spot coating. You can use a soft-touch coating to create a finish that makes paper feel almost like velvet. It is also possible to use varnish and coating in combination to create unique patterns on a printed piece.

For more information on varnishes and coatings, please refer to the Varnish section of our Knowledge Library.
Our small press area excels at one- and two-color printing. These presses are designed to handle sheet sizes up to 12 x 18 inches and make quick work of projects like envelopes, letterheads, and forms.

If you would like further information on the technical specifications and details on this equipment, please contact a sales representative.

What is UV printing and what does it mean for you the customer?

UV printing refers to the ink that is used in the press. UV ink varies from traditional inks in how they lay on the paper and how they dry. Conventional inks soak into the paper and dry by evaporation. UV inks sit on the paper and are dried by UV lamps. UV colors are more vibrant, especially on uncoated papers. Since UV inks are completely dry as the sheets come off the press, finishing operations can begin immediately. UV inks are also more environmentally friendly. Interesting in learning more? Our production planners can give you the rundown. CONTACT US

Jobs best suited for Digital Printing:

• Mailers where the addresses are printed directly on the piece
• Pieces that utilize raised dimensional ink
• Collated jobs that use multiple paper stocks
• Jobs with variable printing
• Static, short-run printing
• Small quantity with no variable information
• White ink
• Short-run 4-color envelopes

Benefits of Digital Printing

• Quick turnaround
• Eliminates the need to store unused pieces
• Reduces waste through obsolescence
• Reduces finishing time with the ability to collate multiple documents using up

Technology is changing not only how we communicate, but also what and how we print


While digital printing allows us to economically print smaller quantities, technology is transforming digital printing into a powerful marketing tool by allowing us to customize each individual printed piece with variable printing.

As digital technology has improved, quality and flexibility have increased. Paper options and image quality now match those of traditional offset presses. At Printing Jet, we’ve invested in the best digital printing solutions available to provide the best solution for almost any printing need.

Marketers can leverage their knowledge of their clients and prospects to target their marketing more effectively. They do this by tailoring their offers and messaging to be as relevant and appealing as possible to each individual in their audience.

We can produce individually unique, customized pieces seamlessly with a single setup. This requires a database (usually an Excel document) that dictates which information is printed on each piece. The amount of customization available depends on the amount of information within the database. Variable data can be as simple as including someone’s name in a salutation or as complex as inserting custom messaging, changing photos, or even entire layouts. Alternatively, custom information can also be imprinted onto pre-printed shells, allowing you to reap the benefits of both digital and conventional printing. This flexibility allows your message to be tailored to each individual in your audience.
Signage can build your brand, reinforce promotional efforts, decorate or serve as informational pieces.
We can design and print in-store displays, banners, signs, posters, or virtually any other large-format item you can imagine. We understand the benefit of a good image and can ensure your displays complement your other printed materials. Contact us today to learn more about all the large format options available.
There is no better way to have your corporate table stand out at a convention or gathering than to have good quality banners and tablecloths. Let our staff help you find the right look for your budget and image.

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Why hassle with a local printer when online is quicker, easier, and cheaper?

We are the premier online printing company for thousands of businesses in Cape Town and every state in South Africa. Find out how efficient, easy, and safe it is to order your commercial printing online. Our quality printing and on-time delivery are guaranteed.

Many people find it much quicker and easier to use us than drive to a local Indianapolis printing company, saving valuable time and money better spent on marketing materials to help grow your business. No gas and no taxes! Less time and less hassle!

Our award-winning personal help and service are superior to what many get from their local printing companies. Read a few of our customer’s reviews of us to the right, or hundreds more here. We’ll help you get it done right and on time, or it’s free!

We specialize in helping companies market their business with high-quality marketing materials. We’ll work with you to make sure your designs print correctly and even help with the design if needed. Our mailing experts can assist you in getting a cost-effective direct mail campaign produced and mailed to reach thousands of potential customers with your message. Give us a try today!

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