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Professional Label Printing

Our workflows utilize digital label printing processes; what does this mean? Digital labels are used by brands for a number of reasons; high-quality print, flexible production, and cost-effective pricing. The benefit that most brands take advantage of is multi-versioning; printing multiple SKUs in one print run, thus increasing the overall order quantity and reducing the price per unit. Personalization is a trend that is also growing rapidly; custom labels or custom stickers can now be printed with unique text elements (customer names, promotional codes, etc). The ability to produce labels with white ink comes as a part of our digital printing capabilities. A technique utilized by brands using predominantly transparent materials to create a no-label look.

Giving Your Printed Labels a Premium Look

Where you are a brand or business offering a premium product experience then high-quality print and premium embellishments could be of interest. In addition to the aforementioned material selection process, excellent label artwork files should also be a priority. High-quality artwork files allow label printers such as ourselves to produce our best work; rich, vibrant colors, and detailed print. Hot foil stamping and embossing are techniques that help brands “stand out” form their competition. Traditionally only attainable via large print runs, now, when combined with digital printing processes they have become more accessible to smaller brands and businesses across a multitude of industries.

Customized Rolls

Generally speaking, the businesses and brands that we serve require specific custom roll configurations; here the roll labels we supply will be either used in a thermal transfer printer or be applied to packaging mechanically/via machine. The labels must be customized to ensure that they can be both inserted into a machine (rolls are of a suitable size and the central core is of a suitable size for the machine spool) and the orientation of the label on the roll remains consistent with the calibration of the application machine.

Material Selection

As a label printing specialist, we choose to use only industry-ready and certified materials. Material selection plays a role in both labels aesthetic and labels function; it’s important that the label material represents your brand but also holds up in commercial and retail environments. We offer a range of widely used materials across many industries as well as some industry/application-specific materials.


What are self-adhesive labels on rolls?

Also known as pressure sensitive labels, digital labels or simply roll labels, our labels require no extra adhesive and can be applied by simply removing the label from its backing and applying it to the desired surface – either by hand or with a machine.

We produce labels on rolls (rather than on sheets, for example) due to the simplicity and versatility this offers during both processing and application, for example when it comes to packing or bottling.

How many labels are supplied on a roll?

This can be entirely up to you. If you have the desired number of labels per roll, simply let us know – it is also possible to specify this number when you order your labels online via the Online Calculator.

If you are using a machine to apply your labels and need to specify a maximum roll diameter, this can also be specified during the order process.

Which types of materials do we offer?

We print onto a large variety of self-adhesive label stock, including paper and film substrates.

I need my labels printed on a special type of paper. Is this possible?

Our equipment is compatible with a huge range of different label materials. Already have a specific type of paper in mind, or a sample you’d like to send us? Write to us using the contact form or call customer service. We’re always happy to help!

What effect does hot foil stamping have?

The glossy finish and intense colors of stamping foils bring an extra level of quality to your labels, whether used for text, for your logo, to fill in an area or for edging around images. We prepare a stamping tool especially for your label, so you have complete freedom to choose whatever design you like. Then the foil is applied to the paper using heat during the finishing process. Due to decades of experience with wine labels, we’re able to apply hot foils in-house, ensuring your labels look fantastic but remain cost-effective at the same time.

Which colors can I use when hot-foil stamping?

Our standard gold and silver stamping foils meet almost every need. Need a very specific film? No problem! We work with hot foils supplied by Kurz and ITW, and if they aren’t already on stock, we can obtain them quickly and use them for your print job. Let us know if you’re looking for a particular hot foil.

What is UV Protective Varnish used for?

This clear protective varnish is applied to the labels at the end of the process and is available as standard in either a gloss or a matt finish. It ensures that your labels won’t fade under exposure to UV light and also protects the print work from minor scuffs. We offer gloss varnish as standard. Need a particular varnish? Ask us about other possibilities – we’re always happy to help! vinyl sticker printing port Elizabeth, paramount labels port Elizabeth, printing companies in port Elizabeth, label with us port Elizabeth, Signarama port Elizabeth, name-tags port Elizabeth, stationery labels port Elizabeth, sublimation printing port Elizabeth

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