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Flyers & Leaflets Printing in Durban

Whether you’re wanting to promote your new restaurant, re-opening, or new yoga class, business flyers and leaflets are a fantastic way to get your message out there. Our range of products come in 12 different styles and sizes, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. With lockdown restrictions gradually being lifted, make sure you’re in the prime position to open your business successfully and safely, with custom flyers advertising new delivery, collection and takeaway services as well as clear information on your new queue management and one-way shopping systems.

Here at Printing Jet, we can provide you with eye-catching flyer and leaflet printing templates to support your brand messaging and help you stand out from the competition. We also have a wide range of folded leaflet designs, just in case you need a bit of extra room for your message.

How to Design a Leaflet

Designing leaflets or flyers online is quick and easy, especially if you have your own design team or are happy to dabble in the creation yourself! On each of the different product sizes, you’ll find the design specifications clearly listed for you to utilize. These include the finished leaflet size, artwork set-up size, bleed, color mode, and the dots per inch (DPI). Once you’ve completed your masterpiece and you’re happy with your advertising leaflet design, upload your artwork to our site so our quality control team can make sure everything is A-OK.

Flyer Design Top Tips

We’ve been printing flyers for over 10 years, which means we’ve seen some pretty nifty flyer designs in our time. Using our experience, we’ve compiled our top tips for designing your own flyer – here’s our best advice.

  1. Keep text to a minimum

Flyers are meant to be easy to digest, which means keeping your text short and sweet – it should never take longer than a few minutes to read everything on a flyer. We recommend having no more than 250 words on your flyer – even less for A5 and smaller.

  1. Use headings

Design your flyer like you’re telling a story – you’ll need one big heading to summarise the entire flyer, then smaller headings to direct your reader’s attention onto the next important piece of information. This helps create hierarchy in your design and makes it easier to read.

  1. Stick to your brand colors

Adding lots of different colors can be distracting. We recommend choosing two or three of your brand colors that really compliment each other and make your message easier to read.

How can I Distribute My Printed Flyers?

Once you’ve worked on designing a leaflet and have your marketing ready to go, it’s key that you know where they should be distributed. By ordering a stack of cheap flyers, you’ll have plenty of potential customers to try and hit! A local business may want to place them in nearby cafés and restaurants, whereas B2B firms should save them for conferences and networking events.

What If I Don’t Have a Leaflet Design?

Finding the right leaflet design for your brand can be a challenge, but we can help you decide what to include when designing leaflets online with our range of useful templates. No design? No worries! Whether you have an idea of what you want or not, our online tool has a variety of templates for flyers that can help you design a perfect leaflet.

We have templates available in our library for a wide array of company types and events. If you’re a gym or a fitness establishment looking to advertise a new selection of classes or services, no problem! We have the perfect flyer advertising design for you.

Promoting seasonal menus for your restaurant or café? You’ll want everyone to know all about the new tasty delights you have on offer. A flyer template from instant print is the perfect way to show new and existing customers the up-and-coming menu options available.

We also offer a full print design service with our in house graphic designers. Simply click ‘yes’ when asked if you would like us to ‘design this for you’ and you can add the service to the basket. One of our designers will be in touch as soon as the order has been placed to discuss your brief. If you prefer a more personal approach you can always chat with your designer in person via our video consultancy service. Simply click here to book a slot through our online chat team.

How to Make a Re-Opening Flyer

Flyers are the first step to re-opening your business safely.

Whether you’re launching your business for the first time or re-opening after the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s no faster or affordable way to get the word across that you’re back in business like a flyer.

Here are a few things you’ll need to put on your re-opening flyer to make sure your customers know the drill and follow the proper safety procedures on their visits.

  1. Re-opening date

One of the main pieces of information you’ll need to communicate is when your business will be re-opening to the public. This lets people know when they can either visit or place an order with you.

  1. Location

Just like a standard advertising flyer, it’s always best practice to add your business’s location so people know where to find you.

  1. Opening times

If you’re staggering or changing your opening hours to help ease congestion at busy times, make sure to make this clear somewhere on your leaflet.

  1. New services

If you’re launching a new, safer service, like takeaway or delivery, give details of this here to let customers know how to place an order.

  1. Social distancing procedure

All businesses are having to enforce new social distancing rules to keep customers safe – let customers know what measures you’ve put in place to protect them and your staff so they can follow them from the get-go.

What is the Difference Between Flyers and Leaflets?

In short, there really isn’t a difference! The reason that both terms are used across our site and the world wide web is that the two are interchangeable. They both have similar characteristics such as they’re unbound, single sheets of printed paper, and can be used for marketing and non-marketing purposes including advertising events, products, services, special offers, and promotions.

The only real difference you would find is that a flyer is generally unfolded, and a leaflet can be created either flat or folded. So, if you’re looking to add a lot of information to your artwork, an advertising leaflet would offer plenty of smaller spaces to break this information up.

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