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Add some wow to small spaces with our smallest (and cutest) Canvas Print. Canvas size: 20 x 20 cm only Square format 2 styles: Simple for 1 photo, Collage for up to 25 Polyester canvas mounted on a wooden frame Wrap your photo around the edges or choose to leave the sides blank Thickness: 1.8 cm with the Lite option, or, for an extra cost, 3.9 cm with the Classic option Hanging kit offered with the Classic option, available for a fee with the Lite option Don’t be fooled by its size, our Desk Canvas will make every pic look grand. Yes, even that photo of the family’s miniature dachshund.
Showcase your photos with Canvas Prints Make the center of your stunning photos stage with a Photo Canvas. Your favorite photos should get the attention they deserve. Our Canvas Prints can be mixed with any décor, so you can build a personal Wall Art gallery that’s perfect for you. Choose between the Premium Canvas which boasts a thick 1.5” frame, or the Slim Canvas with a 0.7” wooden frame.
If you want to showcase more than one of your photos, you can create a photo collage on your canvas print. There are lots of different themes and designs to choose from, the designs vary from single image designs to those that can fit up to 20 images on, perfect for the Instagram look.
Choose the right size to suit your space, our canvas prints range from our smallest 8x8” slim canvas print to our largest 30x20” Premium canvas print. Bring your most treasured memories to life by decorating your rooms with personalized canvas prints, they’ll help make your house feel like a home.

Get inspired for your next Canvas

Something different for doodles

Do you open the Pandora's Box that is your chest of drawers to find a stack of your child’s drawings? Give those doodles a new home and turn them into a cute piece of Canvas art to hang on the wall instead.

Invite nature in

Let nature into your home with a unique Canvas of your best nature snaps. Not got a photographer’s eye? We’ve compiled a handy list of all the best places to go for copyright free nature imagery, perfect for bringing a little life to your walls with your large Canvas pictures!

Most frequently asked Canvas Print questions

How can I change the orientation of my canvas print?
You can change the orientation of your canvas print once you are in the project builder. Simply click the ‘Orientation’ button which is located on the right-hand side of the canvas print. We would always recommend choosing your orientation before you start designing your canvas. If you switch orientation mid-design, your design may alter.

How can I create a collage canvas print?
It’s easy to create a collage canvas print with Snapfish. We have a wide range of readily available collage designs and layouts, which you can find in the builder under ‘Layouts’ > ‘Colour Wrap’ or by browsing ‘More Designs’. Alternatively, you can create your own collage design by dragging and dropping images from the photo well onto the canvas print, and using the ‘Shuffle’ button until you are happy with the layout.

How can I change the layout of my canvas print, so my photo doesn’t wrap around the side?
If you want to avoid your photo wrapping around the edge of the canvas print, then opt for a ‘Colour Wrap’ design. You can browse our range of ‘Colour Wrap’ designs by clicking the ‘Layouts’ button in the left-hand menu.

How can I create a canvas print with no photo, just text and embellishments?
The easiest way to create a non-photo canvas print is to start with a single photo design, which you can find in ‘Layouts’ > ‘Photo Wrap’. From there you can remove the photo by clicking ‘Shuffle’ and then deleting the ‘Photo Here’ slot using the ‘bin’ icon.

What is the maximum number of photos that can be added to a canvas print?You can add as many photos as you like to your canvas print, however, we think the fewer photos you add the better, especially on our smaller canvas prints.

Do canvas prints come with hanging kits?Hanging kits are included with all our premium canvas prints, but not with our slim canvas prints.

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