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In our vast catalog of garments just waiting to be customized by you, we have leading brands such as Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, B & C, Bella Canvas, and many more. Our aim is to always exceed expectations by providing the best user experience to all of our customers that are looking for custom clothing printing. Remember, it doesn’t matter how big or small an order is: We specialize in wholesale printing and embroidery. Choose from our extensive range of T-shirts, hoodies, polos, sweats and much more and let us take care of your needs. We try to demystify the printing process.

In an effort to clarify the process, we make resources available like our expert tips and articles on the different techniques. We offer some of the fastest turnarounds in the market. Our regular delivery is from 5 to 10 days, while our express service is 2 to 4 days. It doesn’t matter if you’re in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Bristol, because we are a printing agency that offers services all across the UK. Whether you’re a business professional looking for promotional garments or an event agency in search of event T-shirts, or anything in between, we make customized clothing simple. Our aim is to always exceed expectations by providing the best user experience to all of our customers. It doesn’t matter how big the order is, we can help you. Custom garment printing is now pain-free, with Printsome. What are you waiting for? Get a quote now!

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Premium T-shirt printing advice service

We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service to all of our clients. We go above and beyond to deliver an award-winning, truly bespoke printing service all across Cape Town. When you work with us, you talk to printing, logistics, and marketing experts rather than dealing with printing technicians and clerks. We’re business consultants for the printing industry, meaning we understand the outcomes you expect from your apparel printing activities and drive you solutions tailored for your specific needs.

An award-winning team of printing experts

Printsome is about more than just printing T-shirts. Our dedicated, award-winning team, deliver the highest standard of friendly, on-point customer service from the moment you get in touch.

Working to your bespoke requirements, we work hard to ensure that every project is delivered on time and to the highest possible standard. This is an area of our business that we absolutely refuse to compromise on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the production time take longer the more I order?

You may think the bigger your order is, the longer it takes to be produced and shipped to you. But this is not necessarily the case. We have a capacity for t-shirt printing and customizing thousands of garments per day, whatever the t-shirt printing technique may be. Of course, large quantities (more than 5000 items) needing to be finished on a tight deadline may require us to split the production between more than one t-shirt printing facility within our network of printing warehouses. Above all, we are recognized and trusted as a high-speed printing service.

The only factor that could affect timing is detailing the specific garments you require. However, our printing experts and account managers give you advice on the most available garments for your deadline and help you to select the perfect choice for your needs. That way nobody loses time, starting from the first moment we get in touch.

What factors could impact my scheduled delivery time?

A couple of variables impact the differences in timing from one printing project to another. These specific factors tied are:

  • Type of garment you choose (some brand’s garments are difficult to get in large orders).
  • If more than one printing technique is involved, the garments batches need to be moved from one production facility to another.
  • If you need any re-labeling or extra production features such as bags or custom packaging, bar codes, and /or hem tags, amongst other possibilities.

Once everything is set up, we always keep you up to date throughout each of the production stages timing forecasts

What kind of spoilage do you account for and what other warranties or benefits do you offer?

Depending on the production volume the amount of spoilage varies. The larger the order is, the more items would be spoiled. Usually, for orders over 1000 units, our spoilage percentages are around 1% to up 3%.

With smaller orders (up to 100 items) our policy affirms that we account for the spoiled items and deliver you the full requested quantity. So, in the end, we will give you exactly what you asked for.

For larger orders, our team lets you know beforehand whether you should expect X% or Y% of spoilage with your order. This way you know how many extra items you need to order. In any case, as it is with any large industrial production projects, spoilage is a natural part of accounting forecasts.

“We go to great lengths to ensure that all orders are filled accurately and on time and are of the highest quality. Accordingly, the Company accepts returns and will refund the payment if and when customers are disappointed by the Company’s merchandise for one of the following reasons: (a) the blank items themselves are materially flawed; (b) the quality of the decorating (i.e., the printing or embroidery) is below a reasonable range of expectations; or (c) the design of the final product is materially different from the final design submitted by the customer.

In the case, that production has commenced and stock availability is limited for the initial selected product, the company reserves the right to upgrade products to the next best option in relation to color and brand. This, however, does not constitute the right for a refund; in the case, the product is materially different than what was initially selected, the company will evaluate the potential of a reprint on a case by case scenario.”

Is it possible to see a pre-production sample to check the quality?

Our samples policy depends on:

  • Printing or customization techniques involved.
  • Size of the order.
  • Specifics elements you want to check.

If your order is DTG printed and over 100 items, we can send you completed pre-production samples. With smaller DTG printed orders, we can also send you samples but we might request a payment to do so.

Sending you blank samples of your requested garments in order to check their quality and feel is also another possibility. But only if your final order volume is set to be more than 100 units.

In other cases, when printing or customizing with another technique other than DTG, sampling is only available if your production quantity is set to be more than 1000 pcs. We do this because our other techniques require fabricating pre-production elements specifically for your designs like screen plates or embroidery digitalization.

To solve this problem, our team works with you to create what we call, “visual proofs”. In essence, these are digitally created images that mock up your artwork(s) in the specific garments so you can see your final product. With it you can check garment style and sizes, color contrasts and matching, as well as artwork sizing and placement. Our experience is that this method provides you with complete security and the satisfaction that what you are ordering is 100% in-line with what you will be receiving once your order is completed. EG t-shirt printing cape town prices, t-shirt printing cape town southern suburbs, t shirt printing cape town northern suburbs, t shirt printing cape town cbd, custom t-shirt printing cape town, same day t-shirt printing cape town, best t shirt printing cape town, digital t shirt printing cape town, t-shirt printing companies in cape town, cheap t shirt printing cape town, t-shirt printing machine cape town, tee shirt printing cape town

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