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What variety of promotional mugs do you have?

Camaloon offers a wide variety of promotional mugs. Other than the classic ceramic ones we offer steel mugs, glass mugs, bamboo mugs and many more personalised mugs.

  • Personalised stainless steel mugs with carabiner clip handle: Personalised steel mug with laser engraving. Perfect for hiking and camping.
  • Glass mugs with lid and bamboo spoon: A unique personalised glass mug perfect for everyday use. Comes in an individual eco box.
  • Personalised stainless steel insulated travel mugs with the bamboo surface: Personalised travel mug with laser engraving, works great as a gift or part of your promotional campaign.

What are the best selling personalised mugs?

Our top-selling personalised mugs are the ones with the best quality to cost ratio. These are our classic personalised mugs that are a perfect fit for your promotional campaign. They come in different materials and with different printing methods:

  • Best Value® personlised white ceramic mugs: Perfect economical choice of personalised cups for minimalist designs with screen printing or sublimation.
  • Best Value® personalised plastic and bamboo fibre mugs: Plastic and Bamboo fibre personalised cups in pastel colours perfect as an eco-friendly choice.
  • Best Value® personalised vintage metal mugs: Vintage style metal personalised cups delivered in individual packaging.

What Are Personalised Mugs?

Mugs and cups are used daily by most people to consume hot beverages such as coffee or tea. Mugs usually have a handle on the side and can usually hold larger amounts of fluid than other cups. Mugs have been used to drink from since ancient times when they were carved from wood or bone, or moulded in clay. Nowadays coffee mugs are usually made of ceramic materials and sport a handle making it both easier to drink and safer to hold. But they are available in other materials and forms too, such as mugs made from enamelled metal for a good old fashioned cuppa, insulated thermal mugs for enjoying hot tea all day or reusable coffee cups, perfect for a latte to take away! Print your logo, slogan or design onto one of our mugs and let your company show off its colourful side.

Who Uses Personalised Mugs?

Businesses use personalised mugs to help boost brand awareness. And seeing as tea-time is prime time for small talk, having your logo on one of our mugs can put your company at the centre of the conversation. Whether it’s during the morning cup of coffee or a hot drink after lunch, your brand will be noticed time and time again. We have so many different models, you’ll certainly find one to suit your needs. They come in a variety of different colours, therefore you can match them perfectly with your logo for promotional use or merchandising, or print great photo mugs that are ideal for souvenir shops. Not a fan of hot drinks? We’ve got you covered. Put your design on one of our many personalised water bottles so you, your customers and your employees can stay hydrated at the desk or on the move.

What are the most cost-friendly personalised mugs you offer?

We make sure to give you the best price for your personalised mugs in the market. Our classic economic mugs are:

  • Best Value® personlised white ceramic mugs: Get your perfect personalised mug for cheap! Ideal for minimalistic designs.
  • White promotional ceramic mugs: A great personalised mug with the most economical cost. Perfect for your large promotional campaigns.
  • Why get personalised mugs from Camaloon?

    Because we care about you and your promotional campaign. We’ve gathered a wide range of mugs for you to personalise, you can choose between different materials and types, have it printed or not, or to even add personalised packaging. Everything in order for you to get your perfect personalised mug. Another reason is that we are our own manufacturers. That means we take care and put great importance into the entire process, from getting the product, designing it, printing it and shipping it to you, so you can get your personalised mug as fast as within 48h.

  • Can I personalise a mug with a photo?

    If you are looking to print a photo on a mug we have the best selection for you at a great price. We print on our personalised photo mugs with sublimation making sure to give you the best quality photo mug at the best price.

    • Personalised white promotional mugs with coloured handle and inside: Personalised photo mug with a large printing area perfect for your photo. Comes in an individual packaging which is perfect for resale.
    • Personalised ceramic mugs with the coloured interior: Personalised photo mug using the sublimation method for best photo quality. Individual packaging included for every photo mug.
    • Can I get my mug with personalised packaging?

      Camaloon offers personalised packaging for every pesonalised mug that you order. You can personalise your packaging in full colour, white or craft and give your personalised mugs a higher value.

    • What are your best coffee mugs?

      We have gathered the perfect selection of personalised mugs for all the coffee lovers. Choose your favourite coffee mug and personalise it, whether it is for at home or on the go!

      • Reusable cups in bamboo fibre: Reusable personalised coffee mug for the ones that are on the go!
      • Personalised ceramic Americano coffee mugs: Make these coffee mugs a part of your promotional campaign and give your customers a unique and personalised coffee mug.
      • Personalised reusable coffee cups in bamboo fibre and plastic: The perfect to go personalised coffee mug for the ones that care about the environment.
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