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Photo Canvas – Your Choice of Edge Designs

Folded Edge

Your canvas is stretched over the wooden frame just like a classic painting. The margins of your image will appear on the frame sides, so ensure that crucial details of your photo don’t appear too close to the edge.

Mirrored Edge

Your photo is printed in its full glory on the front side of the canvas. The border of your photo is then copied, inverted, and reproduced on the sides of the frame, creating a mirror-image effect.

Stretched Edge

Your photo is displayed in its entirety on the front of the canvas, while the outermost pixels of your image are stretched lengthwise along the sides of the frame, creating a motion-blur effect.

White Edge

Your photo appears in full on the front side only of the canvas print. The canvas on the sides of the frame is printed with a strip of white that serves to highlight and intensify your image.

Black Edge

As with our White Edge design, your photo is printed only on the front of the canvas. A black strip printed on the edges of the photo canvas frame provides a striking pop of contrast for canvas printing Pretoria.
Add a splash of colour to your home décor with custom canvas prints. You can create a collage of your favourite family photos, upload pictures of your pets or even an inspirational quote to spice up your walls. Personalised canvas can also make a special gift for friends and loved ones, giving them a piece of art to display at home or in the workplace. And with built-in hangers and sturdy frame, your canvas wall art will be quick and easy to hang the cheap canvas printing Pretoria
To start creating your canvas prints online, pick your canvas size and orientation and then explore our gallery of fully customisable design options. Once you’ve found a favourite, make it yours by adding your custom details and choosing the options that work best for you. We’ll take care of the rest, using vibrant, high-quality printing to create a piece that can be treasured for years to come.

Cheap Canvas Prints

Cheap Canvas Prints implies that the least possible price will be provided for the quality canvas prints needed by you. At canvas printing Pretoria, we love to produce canvas prints for you at most affordable rates.

We are committed to serving you with prices lower than those prints offered by our competitors. And we manage to do this by utilizing our years of experience, which subsequently helps us to craft economical canvas prints for you. Besides this, we work with a mission to earn at a reasonable rate of profit maintaining the standard quality. This is why you can get the best canvas prints from an array of broader collections at the most competitive prices.

Be it your home, office, or a gallery exhibition, we would be grateful to serve you with the cheapest canvas prints. Canvas Prints in Pretoria have gained tremendous attention from a global audience, and the reason behind this is the proficiency with which we serve as an honest way to preserve memories and express gratitude to loved ones.

What Includes with our Cheap Canvas Prints?

The answer to this question is very straight. Let us summarise a few reasons for this position:
Choicest materials from wooden frames to ink
Poly-cot layer
Easy to fix and hang on the walls
Deep and sharp, vibrant colors.

The warm responses from our beloved customers who have been using our canvas prints for about seven years have helped us reach the top position in delivering the best canvas prints in the Johannesburg.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Canvas Prints

Why are our Canvas Prints the Best Choice?

The consistently excellent quality of our canvas prints is confirmed by our high customer ratings and thousands of loyal clients. Made using solvent-free HP Latex Inks and stretched on real spruce wood frames, these are some of the best canvas prints on the market – at unbeatably low prices, canvas printing Pretoria.

Can Canvas Prints be Framed?

All our photo canvas prints come with a spruce wood stretcher frame that provides robust support to your image. You can upgrade your print by adding an outer Premium Frame, which leaves a gap around the edges of your canvas to achieve a beautiful “floating” effect.

What are the Largest Canvas Prints I Can Order?

Our canvas prints are available in a wide range of sizes – the biggest is a whopping 120 x 80cm. To order a large photo canvas you’ll need to upload a photo with a high resolution. Our automatic system will only offer you the size formats which are suitable for a top-quality print of your image.

Can I Add Text to my Canvas Prints?

At our customisation page you can add a witty quote or any other text to your photo canvas print. Just upload your photo, select your format and then click the “Add Text” button underneath the preview window. Choose the perfect text size, font, and color for the style of your photo.

How to Hang a Canvas Print on the Wall?

How to Hang Small Canvas Print:

  • Step #1 – Insert nails into the wall close together
  • Step #2 – Attach sawtooth hanger to top stretcher bar of canvas
  • Step #3 – Hang canvas print on nails with a sawtooth hanger

How to Hang Large Canvas Print:

  • Step #1 – Insert nails into the wall a fair distance apart
  • Step #2 – Attach D-rings to side stretcher bars of canvas
  • Step #3 – Thread cord through D-rings
  • Step #4 – Hang canvas print on nails with cord
  • How to Maintain and Clean Canvas Prints?

  • Our canvas prints are easy to clean with a sponge or cloth (dry or only slightly moist, so as not to damage the canvas material with excess moisture). Simply wipe the surface of the canvas to remove dust and other impurities, without applying too much pressure.
    • Step #1 – Take a dry sponge or piece of cloth
    • Step #2 – Slightly moisten sponge/cloth if necessary
    • Step #3 – Wring out any excess moisture
    • Step #4 – Gently wipe canvas surface
    • Step #5 – Remove dust or other impurities
    • Step #6 – Don’t apply too much pressure to the canvas

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