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Standard Wooden Frame (2 cm)

All our hand-assembled stretcher frames are made from FSC-certified timber. The standard wooden frame is a slim and elegant 2cm thick – thanks to the robust but lightweight qualities of our premium spruce wood, hanging your picture canvas safely and securely should be no trouble at all.

XXL Wooden Frame (4 cm)

Choose the XXL frame for an unbeatably sturdy double-depth structure. This option works particularly well with large-format canvas prints, giving them a bold and substantial appearance as well as extra strength. We use spruce wood to keep weight to a minimum.

Acrylic Photo Prints: A way to make your memories look more vivid


  • Acrylic photo printing
Acrylic photo printing breathes life into your images, giving them realistic qualities by enhancing their colors and making them more vivid and striking. Acrylic photo prints have the ability to make an already brilliant image even more brilliant. It has the same effect on ordinary images. If you have taken a heart-warming image, but it did not turn out as you hoped, you need to convert the image into photos on glass.

We have the technology and the material to transform an ordinary image, making it the center of attention of your room. If you are okay with the image stealing all the glory and attention, you should opt for acrylic glass prints for sure!
The finish to the sides and corners of the canvas means that the frame will not crack, tear, or split – even after many years of use. We use woven canvas and the image is fused into the fibers of the canvas textile; we're so confident in our work that we give a lifetime guarantee. Our unique photo canvas art prints are all made in our London factory, with high-quality canvas printing and build quality, few can match us on delivery, print, and service. If you place your order before noon, on any working day (Monday to Friday) then we will print the same day, so with our next day, the quick delivery option you can receive your canvas prints next day; turn your ideas into a reality in as little as 24 hours. A stunning way to showcase your photography blown up for great home decoration or a great Christmas, birthday, or any special occasion gift. You can even design your company logo and decorate the office.

Outstanding value canvas prints, we know you'll love it!

With our super simple upload process, ordering our quality personalized canvas prints couldn't be easier.

We pledge allegiance to provide nothing but quality prints.

We have sourced the highest quality materials for our canvas prints; no corners are cut in the quality of our prints. We want only the best for you. We let our canvas prints do the talking.

Our love guarantee promise.

Our beautiful canvas prints come with love guaranteed – no fussing or a-fighting’. Something not quite right? We will fix it.

Optimized print files.

Our quest for the best in canvas prints will make your magical memories last a lifetime; with our fabulous in house skilled technicians, we ensure you get perfect results every time.

Lovingly Handcrafted in Bloemfontein.

Our keen eye for perfection means that there are some things that need to be left to us humans. Our canvas prints are processed from start to finish by real people. That means our technicians manually size up the prints to perfection, each print is then inspected by real eyes, no imperfection goes undetected and each print is lovingly framed with real hands.



Photos are our windows to the past, present, and future. Encapsulating memories, history, culture, and relationships, without photos, we wouldn't have access to the people, places, and things that make us who we are today. Since their invention, photos have played a quintessential role in our lives, snapping a certain memory or experience in real-time, preserved for the generations to come. Since we understand the unrivaled power of a beautiful, reminiscent photo, we're happy to provide you with a way to display and showcase this memory, right on the canvas.

Canvas Prints make you feel like an Artist

Even if you are not a great artist, prints technology has made it easier for you to create cheap canvas prints.

Moreover, these high-quality prints mean that photos from the special moments in your life can be printed on a canvas and hung on your wall.

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Type of Images you can convert into Canvas Prints

You can create photo canvas prints for almost any style of image. It can be a photo, a scan, a piece of digital art, or even a certificate.

You don’t have to be an artist if you wish for your home to look spectacular canvas printing Bloemfontein.

Now, affordable canvases allow you to feel like a renowned artist in your own home!

What can The Canvas Prints Offer Today?

We offer cheap canvas prints in a wide range of sizes and styles. The Canvas Prints offers you wood stretchers in varying sizes and a large selection of edge wrap and designs.

We are a click away for you to order your next ready-to-hang piece of wall art.

How is Canvas made?

Typically canvases are made out of hemp and linen, however now most print canvases are created with cotton.

Cotton keeps the price of the canvas very reasonable and allows the artwork to be less prone to breaking and damage.

This cotton is woven by use of a plain weave, and artists can select the print canvas based on how tightly together the strands of the cotton are woven.

Would you opt for Wall Canvases?

If you wish to incorporate style along with glam decor, you are likely to go for canvases. They light up your otherwise bare well, making a decor statement that is trendy and classy.

Wall Canvases are Taking Over The Decor game

To avoid an empty look, most people prefer to decorate their walls with canvas prints. With canvases, your home will not look empty even if you decide to reduce the furniture due to trending minimal decor trends.

Create stunning next-day canvas prints from your digital photos. Upload your photos and images, add text. Choose your size and preview your canvas print before you buy it. What’s more, if ordered before noon, we will print your canvas the same day. If you opt for next-day delivery, canvas prints can turn from a dream to reality overnight. Perfect for photos of faces, families, and even beautiful landscapes.

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